Som Tum Thai

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I miss spicy food so much. So today, I went out and did some shopping for my Som Tum Thai (Thai Papaya Salad). I use cucumber instead of papaya, though. Papaya is expensive, after all. I went to a Thai shop near my house. And they sell one papaya for £10 or something which is outrageous! One small papaya for £11? No way! So, I must use cucumber instead. It tastes very refreshing and fresh. I think, I like it more than papaya. And it’s healthy. Sometimes, I also use carrot or cabbage. I prefer either cucumber or cabbage. I don’t like using carrot that much because carrot is kind of sweet, compared to cucumber and cabbage. I don’t like food that tastes too sweet. Food is food. Dessert is dessert. Slightly sweet is ok. But if it’s too sweet, I can’t eat it. I make a big bowl of very spicy green papaya salad which I use cucumber instead. Then I have it with fried chicken, boiled eggs, pork scratchings, and water spinach as a side salad. Oh, I also use my Pad Thai Sauce as papaya salad sauce which makes the salad taste delicately tasty! So my Pad Thai Sauce is not only for Pad Thai. It can be used for the making of papaya salad, too. These two Thai dishes use similar ingredients anyway. My Pad Thai Sauce made of palm sugar, salt, and tamarind. And in authentic Thai Papaya Salad, we do use palm sugar, not normal sugar. And that’s why my papaya salad tastes so good because I use Pad Thai Sauce which also contains palm sugar. And tamarind is like lime which makes me use less lime juice. Then salt is like fish sauce which also makes me use less fish sauce. And the outcome is surprisingly delicious. I didn’t know that Pad Thai Sauce can also use in papaya salad. And that saves me lots of time and ingredients as well. I will have to save some for dinner. It’s too much. I can’t eat all that. I know, you have to eat papaya salad right after you finish making it, as fresh as possible. Otherwise, it will lose its freshness and flavour. But because I make too much of it. So, I will have to save some for later. Now I don’t have to worry about the dinner.

Thai papaya salad

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