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I am on my way out. I am going to walk around London today – to survey the film locations for my first feature film. I am serious about it. My feature film project will start today! The earliest I start, the better. Then I am going to start looking for actors/actresses, extras, film crew, and so on. I have to finish creating some more characters first. I am already finished with the main characters. I need to build some more. When all my characters and film script have been generated, then I will know who will be suitable for the roles. This could be a very good chance for everybody to get involved since it is a feature film. And aspiring actors & actresses could become stars overnight. This could be their breakthrough performances. I can reveal a little bit that it will be a romantic comedy, or just romance. I have a very good plot that I think will make a good romance. This is a long process and big project since it is a feature film. But it’s not that hard anyway when you know what you are doing. And you have the right team to work with. I am so excited already thinking about making my first feature film. So from now on, I will be busy preparing the movie. Hopefully, I could finish it this year. So it could be in cinema next year. It will be a low budget film. Anyway, it could be an excellent movie. As long as I have a good plot, characters, find suitable actors and film crew to work with, then it should be all that I need. All will get credit and the footage of the film. I really hope it will be a success because it will mean that we all that involve in the film will also have a big breakthrough – a huge reward and recognition for our contribution.


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