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I am going to start film making course soon. I did go to college to study film making. But that was many years ago. And I didn’t complete it anyway. So now, since I want to be serious about becoming a filmmaker, scriptwriter, director, etc. I need to gain some more skills in these fields. So I visited some colleges in London today, to find the right course I want to attend. And I have found one. It has got the whole package – everything you need to learn and know about film making, including script writing. It will start next month. I so look forward to beginning the class! Then when I finish the course, I think, I will be ready to make my own feature film this year if I decided to do so. I already have the experience and knowledge which will make it more easy for me to go through the film making course again, I think. I already see myself as a successful film director, filmmaker, screenwriter, and actress. Sometimes, visualisation really does help, to motivate you to do whatever you can to reach your goals faster. When you already visualise your future, how you picture yourself the way you have dreamed of, you tend to be positive about your future & dreams and do whatever it takes to turn them into reality. I feel like, I am coming home! I have found my way back home again. It’s such an incredible feeling, to do what I love, and surround myself with what interests me the most.

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