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I also have a jewellery business. I make most of the jewels myself. I add products on my e-commerce webssite,, once in a while. I am busy doing lots of things at once. So I almost forgot that I also sell jewelry, handmade cosmetics, fashion clothes, which I also sew them myself. I sell my products on different platforms – not just on my own website. So sometimes I sell something on other websites, I don’t even remember that I have put my products there. So now, I have to focus on my own business as well. I will add more and more products on my own website. I need time to make them first, take some photos, add them to the website, etc. All that takes time as well. Sometimes, I also go sell my stuff at the market, which I am going to do it again soon. Now the weather is getting nicer and nicer. People will go to the markets more and more. So, it’s a perfect time to start now. I just have to make lots of products first. Then I’m ready.

Fake diamond necklace

Rhinestone choker

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