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Tonight, I will try to continue to read my book. I bought 2 novels last year. And I only finished the first two chapters of one novel. I love reading, as much as I love writing. Some books I have read a long time ago. But the stories and characters are still fresh in my mind. That’s how a good book should be. One day, I hope I will be able to create captivating stories that most people will love. I like reading in the night time when all is quiet. I can really digest the story more. And my imagination runs wild. I love reading books, as much as I love watching films. Because they share the same core values: The stories & characters. No book and film will be successful without at least a good, unique character and plot. I can’t wait to start my script writing class soon. I can’t wait to start telling good stories and turning them into movies that people want to watch. My plan to make my first feature film is still there. I have the story. I could not make it last year because I did not have enough time to start and finish the project. But this year, I think I am ready to do it. It’s a matter of starting as early as possible – finish the script – get the fund if needed – look for the film crew, actors, locations, and so forth. Then, my first feature film would probably be in cinema next year already. I have made student films before. So I do know what I have to prepare. I just need to think quickly that this is something I want to spend my time and energy on this year? But, I have a good feeling that it would be a good film if I’re going to make it. If not, all I get is a good experience and knowledge for my next film. So, I have nothing to lose, actually. I feel good already! This is how you should feel when you’re passionate about something. It’s a pure enjoyment and excitement when you do what you love. Every day is a good day when you surround yourself with things that interest you and like-minded people.

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