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Time for a cosy breakfast at home, finally! The coffee tastes so good. Everything tastes divine when you make it yourself, really. I prefer making my own breakfast and dinner since I find joy in preparing good food for myself. I know what’s in it. And I can control the flavours. I can choose the best ingredients and produce for my cooking. The outcome is just a perfect, healthy meal just for me, which makes me feel proud of myself. That’s the real reward for doing your own cooking, I think.

I had been living with breakfasts and coffees from the coffee shops for the past few weeks. I had been out and worked and worked. When I didn’t work then I was too tired to cook. So I relied a lot on takeaways or food at work. I rarely use my own kitchen for anything. I really miss that. Today, I will take this opportunity to make a nice dinner for myself. I have some chicken meat left in my freezer. So, I will use that. Then I won’t buy more food for now. Because I have to go out and work again almost every day. So, there’s no need to stock food at home when I don’t know when I will have time to prepare my own meal again. Today, I don’t have to go out anywhere. Then luckily, I still have some chicken breasts in the freezer for one dinner. Otherwise, I would order takeaway again.

There are lots of things that need to be done today. So I have to utilise my day off wisely. I have to try to get things done as many as possible. That’s how it is. When you’re finally home you think you can now relax. But you still have lots of work to do anyway since when you’re not home you can’t do it. So even I don’t go nowhere, I’m still busy. But at least, I’m home.

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