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I plan to take accents classes as well. I can speak English. But my English accent is very weird. I must admit. Even though I have been living in London for about 6-7 years now. But my English Accent still hasn’t improved. Maybe because I speak 3 languages which are Thai, English, and Danish, and that could, perhaps, affect my British accent as well. Even when I speak Thai, my own native language, some Thai people even ask me: “Are you from Thailand? Are you sure? Because your accent is not something I normally hear from a native Thai person.” And that’s because I have been living in Europe for so long. And I don’t really speak Thai to anyone. I do speak Thai, sometimes. But that is very seldom. I don’t really care about Thai language for now anyway since I am not going to use it that much in my everyday life. But English language/British accent is what I do need at this moment and in the future, especially for my acting career.

So some accent lessons would really help me a lot. Therefore, I am going to take some accent workshops very soon – both British and American Accents. I think, it’s very important for me to improve my accents if I want to be a successful actress in Britain, or internationally where English language is the main language.

I have looked at several, reputable acting schools around London. And I have found some that I would like to attend. So, I’m really looking forward to starting soon – to add more skills and qualifications to my acting resume.

Accent is not the only thing I want to add to my resume. I also plan to take acting, martial arts, yoga, and dancing classes as well. I have to prioritise which one will be at the top of my list first. Then I will complete it one by one.

I feel amazing now when I organise my life the way I want it to be. I know what my wishes are and how to implement them, by completing small, realistic targets that will take me closer to my objectives. When I do it this way I feel like my goals are just right around the corner! I’m almost there. I can almost taste & smell the success. When I see thing from a new perspective it does change the way I think and how I can accomplish it. Now, I feel like as long as I stick to my ambitions and do whatever I can to make my dreams come true nothing can go wrong.

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