Chicken Pad Thai

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I love Chicken Pad Thai. I do make Pad Thai often. I love noodles in general anyway. So it makes sense, to make lots of Pad Thai Sauce at once – just about a bottle to make 5 or more Pad Thai meals. So for the past couple of days, I had been trying to make Pad Thai Sauce from 100% natural ingredients, mainly for my own use. It tastes actually good. I only use Pad Thai Sauce to cook my Pad Thai, and nothing more – no added fish sauce, or anything like that. Just the Pad Thai Sauce, some meat, rice noodles, some vegetables, and that’s it. The outcome is delicious! It’s very convenient, indeed. So, I might consider selling it as well. But, I’m not quite sure yet. Even though, I love Thai food, but I am not that passionate about it, so that I want to work with it on a daily basis. But my Pad Thai Sauce tastes good. It made of 100% quality, natural ingredients. It will be very handy for many who love Pad Thai since you do not need to add more fish sauce, soya sauce, sugar, and any seasoning. Just my Pad Thai Sauce, and you will be making yummy Pad Thai in no time at all! And there are not too many ingredients either. Just my Pad Thai Sauce, rice noodle, meat of your choice, egg, carrot, spring onion, beansprouts, and that’s pretty much it. And all ingredients you can buy them anywhere. Most of supermarkets and Indian shops do sell rice noodles as well. So you don’t have to go to Thai/Chinese shop just to buy rice noodle.

Sometimes, you fancy Thai food, but if you had to buy all of the sauces to be able to make a Thai dish just for one evening, and then maybe the next time you feel like making it again would be the next full moon. So all your Asian sauces would stand there in your kitchen, taking up space without being used for a long period of time. And that isn’t a good idea, especially for people with small kitchen. So my Pad Thai Sauce will be your perfect solution. Just one bottle of it that will let you cook tasty Pad Thai like a pro and in minuutes without all the hassles.

So, I will see if I wanted to sell Pad Thai Sauce as well. But as I said, food is not what I want to deal with every day professionally. Personally, perhaps.

Pad Thai dish

Homemade Pad Thai Sauce.

Homemade Pad Thai

Home cooked Pad Thai.

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