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I have created a photo gallery that contains my recent images. So, my potential acting agents, casting directors, and the like, can view my latest photos and download & share them at anytime on my website. I will update my photos every 3-6 months. So new photos will be taken and replaced every 3-6 months. This will make it easier for everyone since some websites won’t let you upload more then a certain amount of images. So, on my own website, I can upload as many pictures as I want. These photos I have now are from last year. I plan to visit my photographer again soon this year, to have my new pictures taken.

There are 4 different looks of my photos from last year. I will add more types to my portfolio this year – to demonstrate the characters that I could or would like to play. So people can see what types of characters I will be suitable for. I think, it’s a good idea. So it’s easier for them to make a decision.

Video section that showcases my skills and performance will be created soon! As soon as I have new clips to add. So a video collection will be set up on my website as well.

So my own website will be an ideal place that my potential acting agents, casting directors, and others who are looking to collaborate with me can visit and get my latest news, info, view & get my recent photos and CV. By the way, I will assign a section for my resume as well. So they can see my previous works in film, TV, commercials, and so on.

Click on the images below to view my photos in each category:





Business AttireĀ 

Business Attire


Summer Dress


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