I Am An Early Bird

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Good morning! Today, I got up quite early, have lots of things to do. I am an early bird anyway. I stand up early every day. So it’s not that I’m busy, so I have to get up early. I feel, I have the whole day and life in front of me when I get up before anybody else. I feel, I can achieve anything by standing up early. And my productivity is at the top. I also feel more positive about life that everything is possible. More time to plan and get things done as many as possible. My mind is also crystal clear in the early morning. Many good ideas and opportunities strom into my brain at this time of day. And I can process them straight away. Thereby, it makes my goals closer and closer when I grab the opportunity as soon as it arrives.

So today will be a long day for me with a long list of To-dos. Then I can tick it off one by one. I think, when I set small, realistic targets for the day I tend to, actually, complete them. No procrastination. When I see what I need to do right in front of me it makes it easier to stick to the plan. If I just had them in my mind then they would all mess up in my head. And some of them, I would forget.

So waking up early can only be a good thing. But not that early. I also go to bed early. So I don’t feel that tired when I get up early. It helps boosts my self-esteem and confidence as well. I feel, I’m ready for anything.

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