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I also make and sell boho jewellery. I just love all things bohemian, such as bohemian fashion, boho jewelry. I like things that connect me to nature, bring me back in time. Something that has a vintage, mysterious undertone. I just think it’s so charming and cool!

Flower necklace

I really love this new vintage look rose necklace that I have just made. It’s so cute and romantic at the same time. Now Spring & Summer times are just right around the corner. So this lovely, delicate rose silver necklace would be a perfect accessory that you would just have to have it – to wear it with all your spring and summer clothes. It really adds something special to the outfits. It’s a must-have accessory this spring & summer, indeed.

Rose charms

This is a handmade piece of jewellery. I carefully make it with love. And the roses are so delicate and detailed. They are of good quality with silver tone. I just love it. I also make one for myself. I just have to wear it as well. I can’t help it. It’s so lovely! I can’t resist that. This is my number one favourite jewellery so far. I will wear it almost every day. The weather is getting warmer and warmer. So I don’t have to wear scarf. Then I can show off my new flower necklace.

Summer jewellery

Boho Jewellery

Beach jewelry

Delicate rose silver necklace

You can buy this lovely rose necklace here

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