My New Smoothie Maker

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I love smoothies! So today, I just bought a smoothie maker. Now my problem solved! I spend money every time when I go out to buy smoothies. And it’s not cheap. A bottle of about 500ml smoothie costs around £4- £5. I’m too tired to try to make a smoothie today. I will go out tomorrow, to buy some fruits & vegetables to make my first smoothie. I so look forward to it.

Healthy eating & healthy living is what I need from now on. I feel guilty when I eat fast food and unhealthy food. I love fruits and vegetables. So my new smoothie machine can really help me turn my favourite fruits and vegetables into delicious, healthy drinks. I can’t wait to make my first smoothie by myself tomorrow!

When I was in Thailand, I rarely ate cakes, sweet, cookies, and something like that. I ate fruits instead when I felt like eating something sweet. And I used lots of vegetables in my cooking as well. Because, Thailand is a warm country, so it’s easy to grow exotic fruits and vegetables everywhere. So you can buy a variety of fruits and vegetables almost for nothing in Thailand since we have plenty of them.

In Europe, it’s cold. So people don’t really eat fruits, I think. So people prefer to have a cake with a good cup of coffee instead for dessert. And there isn’t a good selection of fruits and vegetables to choose from anyway. I miss eating various fruits and vegetables daily. So I try to eat healthy food as much as I can – the same way I was used to when I was in Thailand.

This smoothie maker will help me a lot, to make eating healthy food and living a healthy lifestyle fun.

Smoothie maker

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