Cleansing Clay Mask

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I make and use my own cleansing clay mask once a week – to deep clean and withdraw all impurities from my skin. After each use, my skin feels so clean, soft, and smooth. Then I apply a serum, then my BUPPHA Beautiful Skin Moisturiser at last. All of these cosmetics, I make them myself. And my skin looks fantastic day after day. So I might consider making and selling the serum and face mask as well since they really work. I have been using these 3 skincare products that I make and test use myself for over a year now. And I am so happy with the amazing results I get from them. So I am so confident that if they helped me they could help you, too.

Making natural skin care products is something I enjoy. Mainly for my own use since I couldn’t find beauty products out there in the market that actually work. So, I decided to formulate my own Cosmetics – just for my own use to begin with. And I couldn’t be more proud of myself because the skincare products I make myself really work. They do give me the outcomes I want. After years of searching for the right cure, I have, finally and ironically, found it by making it myself. That’s how it is, perhaps. If you can’t find it elsewhere then you have to make or invent it yourself. I realise that now.

I use natural skin care, eat healthy food, and live a healthy lifestyle. Life is good!

Cleansing clay mask

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