I Need a Laptop

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I really need a laptop now. I do not have a laptop. I use my smartphone as a laptop as well. I do everything on my mobile, such as go online, write blog. But it doesn’t have a big screen as a laptop. That’s the only thing why I want a laptop. Otherwise, all the functions & features that a laptop can give you, my smartphone can do too. So for that reasons, I don’t really need a laptop. But I miss a big screen to see things clearer and better. Because I have a blog and an e-commerce site. And that’s why I want to be able to see how my websites look like and function on a big screen. I know there are sites that you can check how your website look like on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and so on. But it still doesn’t give me the big picture as if I have a laptop right in front of me. So sometimes, I just go to Internet Cafe to check my sites on a bigger screen and on different browsers, to see how they work and look on several browsers. And it isn’t that convenient for me. I don’t like sitting in an internet café among others since I find it hard to concentrate. And I don’t like the possibility that someone might stare at my screen. Because I do experience sometimes when I use internet at the internet cafe that people sit next to me like to look at my screen – to see what I’m doing? I think it’s very not nice. I have no desire to intrude other people’s privacy. So, it’s hard for me to accept that some people like to do that to others. So, I will just have to buy a laptop soon.

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