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I love music as much as I love film. I want to become a songwriter as well. I will try a script writing class first and see how much I like it, and how my writing skills have developed. Then I can better make a decision about song writing. I love being creative. And film & music are my top interests. I will do whatever I can to pursue my dreams in these two fields. If I only succeeded in one of them is fine with me. But I have to succeed. And it doesn’t matter which one. I might try to play an instrument as well. Maybe guitar. But I’m not good at it. I must admit. My ex is a guitarist. And he taught me how to play guitar. But I couldn’t play it. Maybe, I wasn’t serious about it enough. So, I shall try again. But I think, I should stick to writing. That’s what I think I am good at. Anyway, I will explore my gifts one thing at a time, until l discover my real talent (s). I will never know what I’m really good at, not until I have tried and tried.

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