Pizza For Dinner 

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I have no more food to make dinner. So I have to order pizza instead. I have been out and working constantly. So I eat fast food or sandwiches every day. I don’t even remember when was the last time I was in the kitchen, cooking? I know it’s not good. So I will start doing my own healthy cooking soon. I need good, healthy food to get that energy I need to work and exercise, and to keep myself strong and in good form.

I might begin to resume my martial arts class tomorrow as well. Or maybe next week. Tomorrow, I think, I will just take a day off from everything. Have to clean my house, order food to be delivered so I don’t have to carry heavy shopping bags home, do some paperwork, send orders to my customers from my jewellery & cosmetic business, and so on.

So much food! That’s how it is. When you’re hungry you tend to buy more food than you can eat. Well, I can always save it for breakfast and dinner for tomorrow. I might even have some leftover for the day after tomorrow as well.

I will enjoy anything on the telly tonight. I have not watched TV for ages either. I have no idea what’s going on with the world right now (maybe that’s a good thing). But every time I turn on the television, I only see the news about Donald Thumb. So I decided to stop watching TV for a while.

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