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Betty Blue is one of my top movies. It’s so different. When you watch a good film it tends to stay in your mind for a very long time, maybe even for the rest of your life. And that’s why I’ve always been fascinated by films. I prefer movies that tell stories about real life. Something that could happen to anyone. Something that we oversee or try to forget. Something that is not too far from our everyday life. And that’s why sometimes, I like watching European movies since they are more realistic, in my opinion. And one of my favourite European films of all time is Betty Blue, which is a France film. And in fact, many of my top favorite films are France movies. I think they make quality films. Betty Blue’s such a sad love story. But the most unforgettable of this movie is not the story in itself, but the characters. Especially Betty character, no one would ever forget this insane woman. You may have forgotten the plot after the years have passed, or maybe right after you’ve finished watching the film. But the character will still stay in your mind for the rest of your life. That’s for sure. It’s a cleverly made film without a huge budget. Well, I don’t think this film was expensive to make. I’m crazy about film, and I love telling stories. So this film has inspired me in many ways. It has, for example, inspired me to become a screenwriter. This film is very unique. It’s worth watching for a film fanatic like me.

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