A Cold Filming Day

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I had been out and filming all day long today. And it was soo cold. I felt like, it’s the coldest day of my life! It’s because we were filming outside all day long. We did have a lunch break. But that was it. The rest was just filming and filming continuously.
We got to have a few small breaks in between, though, since they didn’t need everybody to be in every scene. But, even when they didn’t use some of us we still had to wait outside next to the film set. So they could get some of us in the scenes when they needed. So, everyone still had to be outside ready for filming at all time.
Well, we did get to go into our cabin to have a little break and be in the warm room a couple of times. Even it was just for a short while. Anyway, it’s better than nothing.
But, the directors and the film crew did have to continue to do the filming straight, and only had one lunch break. They did not have some small breaks like us, to go sit in a warm room.They had to be out in the cold constantly. And that was tough. So, when I thought about it on my way home, I didn’t feel cold anymore.
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