Prepare My Six Pack Abs

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I have been working hard lately to get my six pack abs. I’m almost there. It requires lots of hard work, determination, persistence, and just do it! I can now, finally, get myself together and do try very hard  to achieve my goals. I have lots of dreams. And now I want to chase all of them. A dream is just a dream if you let it remain a dream. And I don’t want that. So I have to do whatever I can to make them come true.

And this year 2017, I won’t back down! I feel, the only way for me is to go up, not down. I have been down for too long. I can’t go down any further. So the only way left for me now is to go up, to move forward – not backward.

Therefore, I’m going to take acting, script writing, martial arts, yoga, and dancing classes soon. It’s a lot, I know. But that’s what I have always wanted to possess these skills. So now, it’s time to acquire them at long last. I feel like, I am on the right track. And it feels incredible. I feel so strong now – physically & emotionally. It’s a feeling of reborn and renewal.

People keep changing after some period of time. So, if you fail in something it doesn’t mean you can’t try again and can’t succeed in it. You CAN and WILL succeed at some point if you wanted to.

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