At a Coffee Shop

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Having a cup of hot chocolate at a Coffee Shop in Soho. I decided to begin to write blog again. Then I will sell my cosmetics online on another website instead. This domain,, is for my personal blog/acting career that I can use to express myself, write whatever I want to write about. So, I will stick to that from now on. And also, I plan to become a screenwriter, so having to write blog on a daily basis will help improve my writing immensely.
This site is also a place that I will showcase my skills that will be useful for my acting career. So people can see what types of skills I have, and whether or not they can use me in their projects. I will also make lots of YouTube videos to demonstrate my skills and upload to my site regularly from now on. I think it’s an excellent place for potential agents, casting directors, and the like, to learn more about me, my talent & skills, my personality, lifestyle, interests, hobbies, and so on. And a blog is just an incredible medium to do just that.
Hot chocolate
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