Making Perfumes 

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Making perfumes is fun and rewarding. I get to create the scents that I truly like and have a fun time mixing the ingredients together, to build the fragrances that smell gorgeous. I am very much interested in the use and benefits of flowers, herbs, and plants, especially in beauty and perfume. It’s just so fascinating. I can never get tired of it. Today, I will start creating some scents for myself. I don’t really buy perfumes. When I need a fragrance, I just make it myself. I have stocked lots of essential oils in the cabinet. Now, it’s time to get creative. Making perfumes can take time since the scents need to be built up over time. So I have to be patient. But it also depends on how strong I want it to be. It’s like the making of whisky in which it has to be kept in the barrel for a long period of time – the longer time it has to mature, the better.

I use only essential oils to make my perfumes. So the knowledge of each essential oil’s benefits is vital, in order to really produce the scent that smell divine. That I or anybody would like wearing it. I had invested my money in the past, to take some classes to study essential oils. So I hope that helps ☺

I think my mum had inspired me a lot. She adored flowers, herbs, and plants so much. And that’s why she named me, Buppha, which means flowers in Thai. So she planted them in our garden, to study them and to admire them on a daily basis. She’s so passionate about them that she even bought lots of books about flowers, herbs, and plants, to study their benefits, origins, etc. She always carried books about herbs and flowers with her. At first, I thought she liked reading novels. But when I flipped through her books, I only saw photos of flowers, herbs, plants, bonsai trees, with different species and variations. I got so interested in it myself that I kept reading the book till the end, not just flipping through it. When I finished reading the book my interest in flowers, herbs, and plants was born. And today, I am still very much fascinated with flowers, herbs, and plants. It gets even stronger day by day. Nature is a beautiful thing. How can you not love it?

perfume making

All the essential oils I have stocked. So they are always ready for my experiments. 

thai herbs

Pink lotus

gorgeous roses

Pink blossoms

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