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I have just ordered some 15 ml aluminium jars for my free beauty samples, which I will be giving out once I have everything in place, such as cosmetics certification, labels. So, it takes some time before my skincare products will be ready. But it won’t take that long. Hopefully, about a couple of weeks from now.  Then I will just rent a stall at the market somewhere in London, to give out my beauty samples. I guess, it will be after Christmas since I will have no chance to get a pitch during Christmas – not until it’s over. So it means, I will have to wait until January next year, to be able to get a space at the market. But for now, I will always carry my free samples in my bag, then whenever I meet the people I know I will give it to them. I experienced once that I was talking about my beauty products with someone I know. Then she was very interested and asked me if I have some samples in my bag, so she can see and try it. But I had nothing to show to her. That was an opportunity right there, to introduce my product to someone I know. So now I remember, to always have some free beauty samples with me. I will never know who I will run into. So I have to be prepared at all times.

Besides being beneficial to the skin, my aloe vera gel will also smell great since I will add perfume as well. I will be formulating the perfume myself, using only essential oils. Essential oils help fight skin problems, and at the same time smell wonderful, when the right oils are being combined together. So, it will be an amazing experience every time you open and use my aloe vera gel. I can’t wait to use it myself because I have now used up my aloe vera gel already. I so can’t live without it since it helps improve my skin a lot. I have tried all kinds of skincare products, and nothing has worked for me. So I decided to formulate my own skin care. And my aloe vera gel seems to work fantastically for my skin problems. So I think, it will help you, too. I have finally found the right elixir I have been searching for all my life 🌵🌴🍃🌿🍀

aloe vera gel free skincare samples
These are 15ml aluminium jars that I will use for my beauty samples. And the actual skincare products will be in aluminium jars as well, which will contain 100ml of my aloe vera gel moisturiser.

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