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I am very busy at the moment because I do lots of things at once. Today, I started making jewels as soon as I got up, adding them to my online store,, posting them on social media sites, and so on. Then later on today, I will design the stickers & labels for my skin care products. Even I have my hands full, but I love what I do, so. I also plan to make bath bombs for sale as well. I just love beautiful things. Many of the things, I make them for my own use and enjoyment, such as bath bombs & soaps, scented candles. Especially scented candle, I use it every day to turn my home into heaven, with a cosy atmosphere since the whole house smells of wonderful scents and feels so warm. I feel so proud of myself using my own art and craft I have created. I know what’s in it. And I make them just the way I like it, which is unique to me. I can’t buy it anywhere. It’s an amazing feeling and experience when you invent stuff yourself, and you can utilise it to the full. For example, every time I need new jewellery when I have to go out, I just make some new chokers or necklaces. Or, if I want to try new moisturiser, I just formulate a new formula that suits my skin and skin problems. So I totally adore what I do. It’s a small happiness that I emphasise.

I’m wearing Multi-Row Choker Necklace in Gold
Multi-Row Choker Necklace I’m wearing Multi-Row Choker Necklace in Silver20161203_131748I’m wearing Multi-Row Choker Necklace in Gold20161203_124202My working space.
20161203_150032Scented Candles I made.
scented candles

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