Why I Want to Make Natural Skin Care

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I love nature and value natural beauty. Therefore, I want to make natural skin care, to utilise nature in every way possible. And natural skin care is more safe and more effective than skin care products that are full of chemicals. So the secret of eternal youth is in nature. Pure & simple! I enjoy making and using my own natural skin care products. And the results have been amazing for me. I never buy skin care or beauty products on the market anymore since I began to make and use them myself.

I feel so privileged working with nature and being close to it. I, for example, stock lots of different essential oils in my home, in a safe and clean place, to use in my beauty product experiment. I also use those essential oils to make my own perfumes. So, I might begin to sell my own perfumes in the very near future 🌹🌹🌹

Nature has been a big part of my life since ny childhood. My parents loved nature so much that they preferred to live in a small village than in a big city, so that we would learn to love and appreciate nature as well, which I think my parents had done a good job and made the right decision. I can’t thank them enough today for cultivating me to love nature like they did. I remember when I was young, I loved waking up to the sound of dawn chorus, roosters crowed at dawn. Then I liked to walk around in our garden, to admire all the flowers, herbs, and the like, my mum had planted. She loved herbs. So she planted them, to study them, and to use them in her cooking. And I got so carried away by those lovely herbs, plants, and flowers that I started falling in love with them myself. I began to be curious about their health and beauty benefits. It’s a lasting study and passion that gives me lots of joy and knowledge.

And that’s why, I am so excited to introduce you to my new aloe vera moisturiser soon! A natural skin care that helps cure most of skin problems. It might take about a couple of weeks from now, before it will be available on my website for you to purchase. It’s a really effective, natural skin care product that I am proud of. And I would, therefore, like to recommend you to try it. I use it myself every single day. And it purely erases acne, wrinkles, scars, blemishes, freckles, dark spots, and all kinds of skin problems, like a rubber. You have to try it, to see it for yourself that it really works. So if you have tried everything and nothing has worked for you, then why not give my aloe vera gel a try. It can be used both women and men.

It does not only contain aloe vera gel. It also has coconut oil, frankincense essential oil, lavender essential oil, and more in it. And they are all natural ingredients. So my aloe vera gel is packed with other vital, natural ingredients as well – not just aloe vera gel – which helps maximise its performance to a great extent.

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