I’m Singing “Stay” by Rihanna 

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I want to become a singer one day. I try to practise whenever I feel like to or can. After watching the x-factor week after week this year, I think, I can sing, too. It makes you think, to become a singer is so easy (if you watched the show this year you’d know what I meant). I have tried to sing so many times. But I think, I have terrible voice, so I never really try to make my dream come true, as a singer/musician. I do practise my singing once in a while, but nothing serious. But this show, the x-factor this year, gives me the courage to begin to pursue my dream as a singer for real. Who knows? So I begin to exercise my breathing, my voice, my singing, and so on. I also plan to attend a dancing class as well. I was used to going to dancing lessons in the past because I love dancing. Now it’s time to resume it. Dancing to the music, is one of the most enjoyable things I love doing. It makes me feel like, there is only happiness in this world. No worries, no sorrows, no problems – and everybody was born to be happy. It’s as simple as that. So since I love dancing, I automatically love music. Music is my friend. Whenever I feel sad or happy, I listen to music. It’s one of the best therapies in the world, or just the best. People should listen to music more often, to calm down and be positive about life and everything. It can really improve your mood. Listen to me singing below and feel free to leave a comment and tell me what do you think? ☺ 

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