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I’m just finished designing the stickers for the beauty product free samples that I will be giving out, for people to try. The free sample contains 15 ml of my skin care product in each aluminium jar. The moisturiser’s made of aloe vera gel, coconut oil, frankincense essential oil, and more. The name of my skin care product is, Buppha Beautiful Skin Moisturiser. I will be handling them out at a market stall face-to-face. It’s the best way to get people to try my product. And they can also see who makes the product in person. I know, to get a market stall can be difficult at the moment since it’s Christmas time. But I’m not going to sell anything – just give away free samples. So I think, I can get a small space to have a small table with my product samples to give away, to passers-by, which should be OK. I will be contacting several market stalls on Monday to see where I can get the space. Can’t wait to start. This should be fun.

Buppha Beautiful Skin Moisturise

This is the name of my skin care product, Buppha Beautiful Skin Moisturiser.

Aloe vera gel

Natural skin care UK

The 15g beauty product free samples.

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