My First Book 

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I am still working on my book. But it goes quite slowly. I can’t write my novel any faster since I do have to work as well. I don’t have economic support from nowhere, so that I can write full time. Therefore, I can only write when I have time. But there are also people who have full time job, but somehow manage to write book, to work as a writer on the side. I don’t know how they do that. They must be very good at managing their times. Or, they are so determined that nothing can stop them. Well, I just have to be self-motivated, to go through this, and finish my book eventually. So I might not be able to finish it on Valentine’s Day as expected. Never mind, finish it late is better than not finish it at all. I will take my time to write like just 1 hour a day. Sometimes, when you break thing down into small chunks, you can better manage it. It also makes it more achievable when you only have to think about completing one small goal at a time, instead of one whole big dream that seems too far to succeed.

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