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I have never taken some photos of Harrods at night before when it has decorated itself with Christmas lights, and where I, actually, stand outside the department store myself, to take photos. I have taken some pictures of it at night before with Christmas decorations on, but only from the bus when I was on my way home. So I have never, actually, got off the bus to take some photos of it. But today, for the first time, I got the chance to take pictures of it when it’s full of Christmas atmosphere. Just because my bus terminated there at the bus stop right next to it. So I had no choice but to get off and take some pictures of Harrods, to kill time while I was waiting for the next bus to arrive. I felt like I am in a fantasy world, or Alice in Wonderland, when I stood right in front of it and got to see Harrods’ Christmas decorations right before my eyes – not through the bus’ windows. So, it’s something completely different.


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