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I’m making Jewellery to sell on my website I wanted to go sell my jewelry at the market, too. But I was too late to contact the markets regarding the space. So when I rang several markets up today, they said they don’t take on new traders before Christmas at the moment. Christmas is very near. So everybody wants to go sell their products at the markets. I completely forgot about that. Then I would have contacted many markets to secure my space in good time. Now my only chance is to sell online. I  would just like to sell my products face-to-face as well. It’s an another good way to promote my products in other areas. Then I can compare the difference, which method is promoting my products better: Online or off-line?

My working space.

I’m wearing Multi-Row Choker Necklace.

Triple Tie Choker 

This Gold Multi-Row Choker Necklace will be available on my online shop soon.

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