Autumn in The Backyard

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I love autumn! It’s a season that evokes emotions of romantic, love, longing, melancholic, sentimentality, and similar. I feel like doing something creative, such as writing, making jewellery. It really inspires me to make beautiful things. So I think, I will begin to make my jewels after this blog post. I have to do something as soon as the inspiration strikes me. Before it’s no longer has an effect on me. Fall is also a time to wear beautiful jewelry that reflects this attractive time of year.


My backyard

I feel so calm & peaceful, looking at the so ravishingly beautiful and fascinating photos of the falling leaves that have turned brown, lying on the ground, painting the floor with their golden-brown leaves, which looks so magical. Every morning when I wake up, I will make myself a cup of coffee, walk to the window, open it, inhale the fresh air, and enjoy the stunning view of my backyard, with falling brown leaves spread all over the green lawn, creating a lovely contrast.


I love nature. When I get old, I will, for sure, live in the countryside. Just move to the country, a naturally beautiful area, away from big city that is full of nerve-racking things and chaos. So I can enjoy beautiful nature every day and feel amazing. It will be either a countryside or by the beach that I will spend the rest of my life living there.

Gorgeous Beach in Summertime

Because I love water and sea as well – not just trees and mountains. So I like going to the beach, and just sitting there starring into the ocean blue water and the waves, watching the birds flying above the water, looking for their preys. I also love walking barefoot on sand and feel my body connects to the earth. It’s a meditative activity that makes me feel so calm, relaxed, and energised.

Tropical island
Tropical paradise

I can’t talk more about this now. It makes me feel like booking a flight ticket to Thailand right away, and visit as many tropical islands in Thailand as possible.

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