The X-Factor 

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Looking forward to watching the x-factor tonight. I don’t always watch this show or TV in general. I prefer reading and writing in my spare time. I even want to get rid of my telly. So i don’t have to see it anymore. Then I can concentrate on my writing 100%. But since I love music, and the x-factor this year is so ridiculous because so many talented singers were being sent home, leaving some contestants who can’t sing at all to, maybe, win the prize makes me want to watch it and study the programme: Why is it suddenly not about real talent anymore? I’m just curious. Is Simon Cowell losing his mind? Or the society has changed that people prefer to vote for something else that has nothing to do with talent? 

If that so, then maybe it is a good thing anyway. Then people who think that they can’t sing and can never become a professional singer, a real artiste, can try their lucks on the x-factor. And who knows, the public might like them anyway and vote for them to win, despite the fact that they cannot sing. It’s as simple as that.


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