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I’m having my breakfast before I get myself ready for a shooting job later today. It’s later today. But I like to prepare thing in advance. So I am sure, I have got everything I need. And that I will be there on time. I don’t like being late. And I don’t think people expect me to be late either. Because, once I get there, I also have to walk around and find the place, check in, prepare my outfit, and so on.

So, even I, for example, have a call time 10am, I would leave home already 6am or 7am. You can never rely on London transport. There will always be some traffic, or some problem with the public transport, like the Croydon tram crash not long ago. So, I just want to be prepared for the unforeseen circumstances.

It happened to me quite often before – when I first came to London, I didn’t know what is like living in London – that I started my journey in good time for the appointment, but then I always got lost somewhere, couldn’t find the place, the train was late, bad weather, and so forth. So, I ended up being late anyway. And if I tried to explain to them why I am late, it would sound more like a bad excuse. So, good preparation is the key in the entertainment industry. Otherwise, you would be seen as someone who is unreliable.

After finishing my early meal, I will jump into a bath, get dressed, pack my stuff, and go.


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