How to Pinroll Jeans to Show Off Your Sneaker?

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How to pinroll your jeans to show off your cool sneaker? Just look for vintage look jeans or wash jeans with legs that are a bit short, so it’s easier to roll them up, and leave a little gap between the sneaker and the hem. If the legs are too long, then it might not look the way you want it. Since this style is totally in right now, everybody is walking around with this look at the minute, so if you know how to roll up your jeans to get this super trendy look really helps.

Denim skirt, denim dungaree, and all thing relating cowboy & cowgirl, country living & simple life, streetwear, sporty look, and the like are also very trendy right now. Plus, military jacket, pilot jacket, and similar are also the must-have fashion items for your wardrobe this season. If you haven’t owned them, yet, then what are you waiting for?

And therefore, 90s chokers, double or triple tie chokers, bow chokers, cowboy tie chokers, etc. are also the must-haves. So you can wear them with your outfits, to complete your look. They can also turn your ordinary outfits into something hip & cool. Just try to wear those chokers with your old apparels that you already have in your wardrobe, then see how new & different your clothes will look after that.

I love wearing jeans myself. I like to keep a casual & active look, no matter where I go. Jeans, denim shorts, denim mini skirt, t-shirt, shirt, hoodie, and the like are the things that I always buy. It’s just my favourite style. I feel comfortable wearing them, and feel so me. I love fashion. So I’m always on the lookout for new styles & looks. I go to Oxford Street almost every week, to see new trends and window-shopping.

how to pinroll jeans

To get this style, just look for vintage jeans or wash jeans with legs that are a bit short, so it’s easier to roll up, to leaving a little gap between the sneaker and the hem. And there you go.

bow tie choker

Bow tie choker can really make a simple t-shirt look cool.

rolled jeans

A trendy, casual outfit.

black bow choker

Bow choker is a must-have this season! Get it here!

90s choker

Complete the look with this Thin Black Velvet Choker.

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