Still Working on My Book

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I’m still working on my book. But I’m also a kind of person who likes to do lots of things at once. So, I’m not just working on my novel, I’m also starting my own  jewelry business, Bohoforest, and starting to practice my singing. And I will begin to dance again soon. I am happy with it so far. As long as I can cope with it. It should be ok. Oh, I also begin to blog, again. I blogged a lot before. But I didn’t think I have enough time to blog, so I stopped blogging, started again, stopped, started again, stopped, started again……But I realise, this is what I love doing: Blogging & writing. It’s also a good way to express myself. So I must start all over again. And this time, I will stick to it.

I’m still working on the characters of my novel. It’s the hardest part, I think, in writing novel. But since the characters run the story, I want to make them real and believable. So I must work hard to create them. Once the characters have been carefully established, the story runs itself by the characters I have constructed. And that’s why I want to take time to invent the characters. Once I am finished with it, it will be easier to build a plot that is based on the characters. So, I’m not in a hurry. But I do have a deadline which is before Valentine’s Day that I expect my novel to complete. But I have done lots of work already. So I hope, I could manage to finalise it on time.

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