Thai Loi Krathong (ลอยกระทง)

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Tomorrow is a Loi Krathong (ลอยกระทง) day for Thailand. So, there was a celebration for the Loi Krathong day at Thai temple in Wimbledon near my house this morning. Even though Loi Krathong day is November 14 this year, which is Monday tomorrow, but since tomorrow no one would go to temple to celebrate it because they have to go to work and so on, so Loi Krathong day is being held at Thai temple today November 13 instead.

Loi Krathong is a very important day for Thai people, as much as Songkran festival which is the Thai New Year’s festival. They are Thai traditions that all Thais around the world celebrate. Loi Krathong is the day we float away bad luck in a beautiful basket that looks like lotus with a candle light in the middle. The ceremony happens at night. The lotus baskets with flowers and candle lights glittering and twinkling in the dark look so beautiful and sacred.

In the old days, the lotus basket was made of banana leaves. But today, most of Loi Krathong baskets are made of foam, fake plastic flowers, and the like. We float away bad luck and wish good luck in return. It just feels so relief. It’s the day that the families get together to come to the river to celebrate Loi Krathong, wishing each other good luck, happiness, and prosperity, partying, eating Thai food, chatting, and sharing the amazing moment.

The floating baskets does not only happen on water, also up on the sky. Especially in North Thailand, on the Loi Krathong day, you will find lots of floating lanterns with sparkling lights fill up the sky, which looks stunningly beautiful as well. We called “Floating Dreams.” Many tourists pilgrim to Thailand on this Loy Krathong day to celebrate with friends and/or family, to create lasting memories of their unforgettable trip to Thailand.

Everybody at the temple wore black mourning clothes, to grieve over the loss of Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej. I was almost the only one who wore a jacket that’s not black. So some people looked at me, why she didn’t wear black. I did have black clothes underneath, though. There were lots of stalls selling traditional Thai foods. But there wasn’t a lot of people. I think because it’s cold. In summer, when they celebrate Songkran at Thai temple, there are always lots of people since it’s warm.

I left again shortly since I did not want to spend all my money buying delicious Thai food at the temple. I felt tempted to eat all that yummy Thai food if I stayed too long. So, I had to leave as soon as possible. I walked home. I felt good, having my daily exercise and celebrating an important day of Thailand.

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